Be Beautiful - Inspirational Moments

This is my story. I have recently got my health back and at age 58 I am learning the art of putting myself first after 30 years of raising my children.

Your promise of : Brand Promise and Commitment to our Customers,is alive and well at Suzanne's in Port Alberni. I may be getting to know myself again but I want to tell you that Penny and Connie at the Port Alberni store have given me my new found confidence.
Their guidance in helping has been above and beyond what I have experienced in a store. Your vision from 1965 is still working.

I have recently cleaned out my closet of "old old big clothes as I never bought nice clothes as I did not have the confidence to wear them.
With Penny and Connie's guidance I only have a wardrobe of clothes purchased from Suzanne's.

A big thank you.


Port Alberni Jan 2018

I came in today to purchase a top my girlfriend has, I had such a wonderful shopping experience with Catherine she was so helpful I ended up spending $400.00!!

Thank you!

Abbotsford BC Jan 15.18

I want to compliment Catherine, the manager of our Abbotsford Suzanne's store. She is so passionate about the fashions in her store and it is so obvious. I have been to three of the fashion shows that she has commentated and I am truly amazed. I was so surprised that there were very few duplicates shown at these very well planned fashion shows. She very carefully picks out some fashions that she thinks will work for her models but also makes sure that they are comfortable and really like what they wear so that they will have the desire to buy. This is important both to the model so they feel good about themselves and have an enjoyable time, but also to your company financially. She also gives them time to pick out something that appeals to them. She always has a great commentary prepared which encourages all guests to visit the store and have the chance to update their wardrobe.

It is definitely my favourite store to shop in as I love the fashions that work for both young and old. There is always a great variety to choose from and Katherine and her staff are always so pleasant and helpful. Katherine is not just a manager but also becomes a friend to so many of her clientele. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know her and shop in her store.

I hope she will continue to do these fashion shows and share her passion with us.


June B
Abbotsford BC May 2017

I would just like to say that I shop all over... and the Suzanne's store in Port Alberni is better than any store that I have ever shopped in.  The Bay or Eaton's, they can not hold a candle to the employees you have at this store. They make it a point to know you and your story I can not help but to buy. They give honest opinions even if they are not what you want to hear, but they do it in a way that is so very nice... I do not know all the names but Penny, Connie, and Ann Elin are the three main ones. You should be very proud to have them in your store.. I recommend Suzanne's to everyone and especially my out of town visitors, and I will say they have all been pleased as well.

Thank you for you time

Your Loyal Customer


Patricia S
Port Alberni April 2017

I have been shopping for the last 8 years at the Suzannes store on South Fraser in Abbotsford. I LOVE the manager, Catherine. I have no sense of style or what would look good on me and she ALWAYS does. I spend WAY more money if she has even a few minutes to spend pulling items out for me. I live in White Rock and never go in the store there. It is the lighting in the Abbotsford store and the way Catherine displays. She has a way of making everyone who comes in the store feel like she is their personal stylist. She calls most people by name and greets everyone. The whole experience of this particular store is great. I always feels good when I leave. 

Elaine B
Abbotsford BC Nov 24,2016

Excellent as always, Service is above & beyond.  So easy to refer friends & clients to 130th location in Calgary.  Staff is well deserved of a huge bouquet!

Calgary SE Nov 18th 2016

I come in shopping with my mom who has a hard time buying clothes as she doesn't feel amazing about her figure.  We came to Suzanne's & Jenny's and Tanis couldn't have been better to work with.  We left and my mom felt like a million bucks!  It was great!

Fort St John

I have nothing but praise for your Regina Grasslands location. I have gone into that store to 'browse' and have always left with multiple parcels thanks to the wonderful helpful staff. I find them very honest and will always try to locate an item at another location if they don't have in their store! Very cheerful staff and a very well organized location. Can't wait to go shopping again

Marilyn P
Regina SK

What a delight it was to visit your Suzanne's store in Vedder Crossing for the first time!  I said to myself that I would only get something if it had wow factor as I usually buy used clothing.  I was sick of my wardrobe and thought maybe I could find something in their summer sale.  I must of tried on over 50 items and was so surprised by all the great choices and selection in one store.  Not only that the personalized customer service that Pam dolled out was over the moon!  She has fashion sense and helped me pick out 4 dresses, 3 pants/leggings, 2 tops and a gorgeous handmade hoodie from India.  I will definitely return to this store!  Thank you Pam and yes I live my clothes.  The caftan top put a skip in my step and all the girls at work loved it!  You are the best.

Julie B
Vedder BC

I believe on Oct 24 I was in your Medicine Hat store at which time I purchased 2 tops-- The one in a size Medium ( a bit too big, but I so liked it and thought maybe an alteration would work). In the meantime i was involved in preparing to move and it appears I may have thrown away the receipt.  I also decided that since I would be coming to Calgary on the 26th of November i would call the Calgary 130th Avenue SE store to see if they had a small available.  My experience with this store was absolutely extra-ordinary- to the extent that I am taking the time in an already too busy schedule to write about the details.


I called and was given the awesome option of having them order in a size Small.  Of course, I said "Yes, please!".  When I arrived here this past Thursday late afternoon, there was a message from Jaclynn saying that my top had arrived on that very same day.  I called back and it was at that point that, after having hunted high and low for my receipt, I indicated to her that I'd lost the receipt.  She was so pleasant, beautiful voice and telephone manner.  She explained that she would inquire with the manager who had momentarily stepped out.  In a few minutes she called me right back, and what she told me floored me.  She indicated that her manager had already talked to the Medicine Hat store and together they were able to find my purchase information from October, and so an exchange for the size Small would be possible.  I have never experienced this level of 'going the extra mile' customer service before and was so grateful for these ladies.  When I went to the store yesterday, Jaclynn was not scheduled to work :( however, the manager, Mary, was there :)  I just have to tell you this lady is absolutely outstanding and the level of customer service given was like none other I have ever experienced- I am retired and I love shopping.  I was in the store trying on more outfits and with Mary and the staff being so helpful, I was there for well over 3 hours! And I am so happy with my additional purchases as I am usually XS but with their hard work,  we found several pieces that worked so beautifully.


I wanted you to know so you have the opportunity to adequately appreciate this store and its remarkable staff.  I am not necessarily a Suzanne's & Jenny's shopper only because of most of the clothing is too big but I keep going back because I like the brand names & when the staff is that helpful, it makes it a worthwhile option.  So now the 130th Avenue store here in Calgary is definitely on my list.  I do visit here fairly frequently.  Even though the stock is the same or similar, the service make the difference in finding that size Small that fits like an XSmall.


Thank you & I am smiling!



Gerry B
Calgary S.E. Dec 2015

Catherine is my therapy :)


I am a therapist for at risk children. Catherine makes my moments as limited as they are stress free!!




I am a frequent shopper at Suzanne's for many reasons:

The saleswomen are very friendly, helpful and knowledgable; the clothing and accessories are unique and current; the 50% off day is a bonus as are the other special sales offered; I appreciate the phone calls and emails advising me of all sale days; I like your return policy; Nicole is an exceptionally good manager.



Vernon BC Nov 18 .2015

I am absolutely thrilled with the service at this store. I fell that this Suzanne's & Jenny's is MY store.

I am greeted with joy and feel that the staff know me.

Great staff. I only shop here BECAUSE of the staff.

Victoria Nov 18 2015

Your staff- especially Louise, is so cheerful, helpful, and knowledgable. Keep your store in Parksville.

Parksville Nov 18 2015

Denise has and extraordinary skill of displaying the outfits and her added touch of scarf is beautiful and ever so complimentary.

Colwood, BC Oct.29 2015

Catherine was amazing she helped me choose the right tops her honesty was appreciated.  Great shopping experience.



Daphne S
Abbotsford BC Sept 2015

I am a visitor to Victoria and have worked in retail all my life.  Justine is a treasure very friendly & helpful a rarity in the retail world.

Hillside Victoria Sept 25,2015

When shopping at Suzanne's in Kelowna on Sept 9th I purchased a shirt in a size small.  I chose to wear it that evening and realized I had the size large that I tried on.

I reached Anne at West Kelowna store at 7 pm and she was willing to call the Kelowna store to see if they still had the small.  They had sold it that day.  Anne from Westbank said she had a medium and would hold it until I came in the next day to switch shirts.  On my arrival Anne greeted me, she had the shirt ready and also picked out other clothes that she thought I may like.  Anne also picked out clothing for my friend who she knew would be accompanying me.  What a pleasure to have Anne looking after us.  My friend and I both purchased more clothing because of Anne's help.

I hope you love my "feedback"

Beverly J
Westbank BC Sept 2015

Linda was wonderful!. Very helpful bringingsizes to the dressing room and lots of suggestions.  Good customers service is rare these days and is much appreciated!

Nicolewas also great to deal with and very helpful.


Saskatoon SK Sept 2015

I love your selection of fashions.  Classic yet edgy.  I wish you were at the Market Mall I will need to come back.  The clerk was great.

Calgary North AB Sept 2015

Love this store!

Always shop successful when I am in Abbotsford.

Your staff Catherine is so great & helpful.

Thank you

Abbotsford Sept 2015

I should not go into your store in Abbotsford BC.  I spend too much money.  Manger "Cat" is a big reason women shop there.  She is the perfect blend of welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable and wise enough to let us browse quietly.  She deserves thanks from her employer!!

Cheryl P
Abbotsford Sept 2015

Candace was working in your Salmon Arm store.  This lady is an asset to your company.  I am a pensioner & she want out of her way to help me she did not rush me and was caring and attentive.

Salmon Arm Sept 2015

Papillon Designers: Thanks so much for creating clothes that feel & look great for full figured women!  Keep up the great work!!  Looking forward to your designs next year.

Tina has purchased many items here and has always been very happy with the way the staff helped her out.

Tina M
Olds Aug 2015

Sherry has helped me so many times I love the outfits she picks out for me and I look for every time I am in your store.

St Albert Aug 2015

Kari is a wonderful saleswoman!  Always helpful & has a great selection of clothes.  Remembers names etc.

Kamloops Aug 2015

My mother and I have been in your store lots and purchased many fun & beautiful items.  The customer service is beyond compare.  Denise is our go to girl always!

Colwood Victoria, Aug 2015

Audrey was wonderful.  I have never had anyone take the time and honesty to help me out.  I love Audrey and will consider her my personal shopper!

Cynthia D
Kelowna BC August 2015

This experience was from over a year ago but has really stuck with me.

I was shopping in the Broadmead Village store in Victoria. The manager Miranda(??) was helping me. I was feeling discouraged from my stop in another store (that store was fine, it was just me) when she asked if she could help me find anything. Miranda was great!! She brought me all kinds of different tops and gave honest feedback along the way. I ended up walking out with several pieces that day.
I have been in there since and every time I get great service. I also have been complemented on my tops often.
Thanks a lot 

Tina J
Victoroa Broadmead Villiage June 23

I always shop at Suzanne's now in Parksville I even for go shopping in the USA because I can find the type of clothing for my age senior person and Louise is great in the store keep the stretchy dresses coming as they are so comfortable and are made in Canada 

Joyce S
Parksville June 23

I happened to walk by the store in Courtenay and decided to stop in. I am so glad I did! I just had my 3rd baby and all my clothing does not fit me right. I have been having a very hard time to find flattering clothing that makes me feel confident while hiding everything in all the right places. you have given me my confidence back and feel good about how I look when leaving my house. when I wear my new clothes I now wear a smile :)

Courtenay BC June 2015


I am compelled to write following the outstanding service of one of your employees, Melissa, at your Sidney BC store.


Sometime in 2014, I saw an outfit in the window display and walked into the store for the very first time.  I was very happy with my purchases, and the service was good.  On my next visit, the service was not so good, but I was pleased with my purchases.


Two or three months ago, I went into the store again, and met Melissa for the first time.  It was like having my very own personal shopper.  She listened to what I liked, gave me everything that I asked to try on (including some items on the manikins due to my size), and, whilst in the changing room, Melissa continually brought me other items of clothing that she thought I would like.  In fact, I left with three dresses and a cardigan—all of which were chosen by Melissa.  Since then, I have returned twice and Melissa was serving both times.  I had the same outstanding service on one of those occasions last month, but today was just amazing.  The store was busy and Melissa was on her own.  I don’t know how she did it, but she didn’t miss anything.  Everyone was being served and she found clothes for us all.  We were all trying clothes on, or waiting to try them on and commenting on each other’s choices--it was like a clothes party!  Melissa did not lose her composure at all, and I honestly think that each and every one of us felt specially cared for.


I cannot tell you enough how fantastic she is at her job, which is why I am writing.  (In fact, I did not want to leave the store today without knowing how to contact you.)  Being a very busy person, I don’t often take the time to write about good service (or bad, for that matter).  However, I cannot think of one other single time when I have received such outstanding service.


Well done, Suzanne’s & Jenny’s; and especially well done, Melissa!


With kind regards.




Wendy V
Sidney BC June 22

Dear Tracey,

Thank you for your touching card! Yes I am enjoying the clothes that you have sold me .... especially those lovely long skirts.  They're fun.  It's all helping me to learn how to become a lady again, but even more to try and believe there may even be beauty there.  It is special people like you with your lovely, encouraging smile and kindness to me and your acceptance that gives me the fuel to keep working through and out of it!  The monster of mental illness (the likes of which i really don't recommend) Yes ...a smile goes along way.

Thank you

Laura S

Laura S
Sidney BC June 16

I went shopping with my daughter at Suzanne's in Abbotsford on Saturday June 6th.  Catherine provided exceptional customer service to her, making suggestions of clothing items to try on.  She made sure that she was available to assist while my daughter was in the change room.  I was so impressed the customer service that my daughter received that I returned to the store on Monday June 8th to purchase some clothing for myself.  Again, Catherine went above and beyond the call of duty, answering questions, making suggestions and finding the clothing sizes that I needed.  I will definitely be making Suzanne's store that I visit on a regular basis.

Susan A
Abbotsford BC June 10

I was shopping in the store one Friday afternoon recently feeling very discouraged.  I've recently put on weight and felt nothing short of a tent.  Carmen at your Langford store was wonderful.  She grabbed a bunch of clothed in styles I would have never have thought of myself and restored my self esteem with her encouragement and feedback.  I left with a new wardrobe in a much happier mood than I entered the store.  She basically said it's not what your body looks like it's how you carry yourself and your attitude.  Too true.  Carmen was awesome and I apologize for not sending this sooner, it was a few months ago. Just ran across the feedback card.  i will be back to the store very soon.  Great Service.

Thank you 


Victoria BC June 10

Had Great service in Kelowna store on Gordon Dr.  Audrey helped me find a dress in a size small.  When I stopped at the mall in Chilliwack the store was not in the Mall.  I phoned Audrey and she heped me find a store close to where I live in Surrey.


Amazing service 

Thank you Audrey!

Rose R
Kelowna BC June 10

Lolly was jolly, extremely helpful but not pushy and gave me great compliments as what looked better on me being a big person she made me feel beautiful and fighting depression and anxiety she talked me thought the experience with out a meltdown.

Mary N
Haney BC June 10

Hi, My name is Monique  and I live in Manitoba. On my recent visit to my sister in Olds, she took me shopping at the Suzanne's and Jenny's store there.I want to say what a help April was in helping me  choose the dress, leggings, scarf and wrap to go with the most beautiful mauve/purple dress we had chosen. Very, very "girlie" outfit and I must say that at my age (I'll be 79 this coming June), I wasn't sure if leggings and all were OK to wear "at my age". But what we chose and with Aprils help, everything look so perfect, I even felt "very, very girlie"!!!!!

 I just wanted to tell you that on my next trip to Olds, that store will be the One where I'll stop by. You can bet on it. 

Thanks April for all her help. She really knows Fashion,,,,even to a person my age. 

Sincerely,  Monique G

Olds May 30

Had 2 wonderful experiences. Bought two tops but was not comfortable with one. My sales clerk was there there both days and did more for me than any sales clerk has ever done.  She was very pleasant,personable and went the extra mile to help me find what I felt good in.  I have not been buying myself any clothes for sometime and it made me feel really at ease.  When I lose more weight I will be in your store, seeking Audrey's assistance.  Thank You!  By the way she is good to all her customers.

Flo W
Kelowna BC Apr 2015

Justine is remarkable she works her butt off very professional but approachable.  I am a plus size and she made me feel like a size 2.

Leanne M
Victoria BC Mar 23 2015

I belong to a Line Dance Group and I am the costume manager.  I usually always get my clothes from Suzanne's in Maple Ridge, BC.  Last fall I found a top that we could use for a costume.  Lolly helped me in obtaining 12 of the same tops in all sizes to fit the ladies in the group.


Barb C
Haney BC Feb 26 2015

Just a note to commend you on your store in Abbotsford. It is such a pleasure to shop there, especially to have Catherine in service to everyone. She is wonderful, and she knows the products very well. I especially am thrilled to have so many Canadian made garments.  Catherine did a fashion show last week of cruise and vacation ware and did a marvelous job. I headed to the store shortly after to buy a lovely turquoise jacket for my trip to Hawaii next month. Again thanks for bringing some quality clothing to Abbotsford.


Dawn-Lynn P
Abbotsford Jan 19 2015

I've been shopping at your store in Saskatoon for a couple years now. While your sales staff are always very good, what I love most about you is that you sell clothes made in Canada. I can purchase clothes knowing an adult made that under decent working conditions in a country I live in. This means that that seamstress can contribute to the Canadian economy. This means your store has polluted less because the shipping distance wasn't as far. This means I don't have to worry about whether a child was forced to sew my clothes. These are very important things to me, and I share with everyone who listens that your store sells made in Canada clothing. It's a bonus that the clothing is also stylish and flattering. Thank you!


Dennel P
Saskatoon SK

I would like to share with you my experience shopping at the Lloydminster store. I live 176 Kilometers away so going to Lloyd to shop is a full day experience, and I have to take a day off work to travel there. I was doing my daily shopping and my last stop is always Suzanne's where I always find numerous beautiful items to buy. I had an important function to attend with my Husband and I wanted something special. The Manager, Nicole, spent a lot of time with me, mixing and matching. Finally, with her help, I found exactly what I wanted. When I got back home, I discovered that I had left the most important item at Suzanne's and I was extremely upset, this function was so important and all I wanted was to look my best. I phoned the store and talked with Nicole to see if there was something we could do to get my purchase shipped to me. I just didn't have the time to go back to Lloyd and was so upset with myself. The next day at work, around 1:00 pm in the afternoon, I looked up and there was Nicole from Suzanne's, she knew how important this was to me and she decided to bring my items to me. I was totally amazed and in awe of this woman, who took time out of her day and drove 176 Kilometers for a stranger. She refused to take any money for gas and merrily went on her way. I have told this story to many people and I know they drive to Lloydminster to shop at Suzanne's. I don't know if Nicole's Boss knows just how special this lady is but I want you to know I absolutely love to shop at the Lloydminster Suzanne's.

Bonnyville AB

I was going on a cruise so I went to
Suzanne's and said help!! Wow! I was fitted with a lovely glitzy blazer and a few tops that were a total wow with the blazer!
Then they fitted me with a flattering dressy pair of classy pants. Then they got me a nice fitting classic skirt to pull it all together,
Then they also found me some glitzy yet classic accessories to blend in yet give it all a pop! Everything I got was wrinkle free and so easy to pack! I felt so great on the cruise and so ever since I automatically go to Suzanne's whenever I need any clothes! The staff is always so polite fun knowledgeable and have great product expertise!
There is a safety and trust in every Suzanne's I shop at no matter where I am so I frequent Suzanne's in several locations and highly recommend Suzanne's to my family and many friends as well! I also love their Simon Chang jeans along with the recent my hard collection! The glitzy tops really give my wardrobe a constant pop!!!
Thanks to everyone at Suzanne's for making my life easier and full of fun and gratitude for your great amazing taste!!!
A grateful loyal ongoing customer for many years!
Arlene K

Arlene K
Vancouver BC

On Saturday July 5th a friend of mine and I went into the above store for an exciting event I was going to on the following weekend. My son was about to graduate from the RCMP Academy in Regina! I had spent the past few months exercising and watching what I ate and had lost about 12 pounds, so I had no idea what size I wore. I also have a very poor body image and was very intimidated to be shopping for clothes. I work with people with disabilities so my wardrobe is pretty much limited when it comes to business/cocktail attire!


Catherine jumped in and made me feel at ease immediately. Her and my friend Linda had a great time and had me try on many items I would never imagine would fit or look so good. I left feeling wonderful and excited  and fully prepared. 

Well... my story doesn't end there... the very next day I went out for my morning run which I have been doing for years. Just when I was coming home I turned to look for traffic as I was crossing the street and WHAM! I tripped over my own feet and fell right on my arm.  I knew it was bad when I saw it was completely backwards! Yikes!


I was rushed to the hospital with a badly broken upper arm and had to have surgery to put it all back together. Regardless of all this, all I could think or talk about was I HAVE TO FLY TO REGINA ON SATURDAY!! Thursday I was discharged with a large cast and a bottle of pain meds and was told to come back as soon as I got back from Regina. 


Once home I rushed to see if I could put on the clothes that I had bought for the trip. Luckily I could fit in the dresses but no way could I get on the capris and t-shirts. I hopped into a taxi and headed to the store. 


As soon as I walked in the door Catherine was there to greet me. She was horrified and stunned (as I was still) but got to work right away, pulling out items that I could get over my cast and head. She was patient and kind and exactly what I needed. 

I left feeling better and flew to Regina the next day. I had a wonderful time and I am a very proud Mom of an RCMP Officer. I got home, went back to the hospital and am now resting comfortably. 


I really feel you need to know how wonderful Catherine is. This was such a big event for me and my family and I was in such pain and trauma. She was kind and patient and I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't been there to help me. 


I thought it was important you know.

Darlene G