Mother's Day Contest 2017

Lindsay wilson - WINNER!

When I got pregnant with my triplets, and as a single parent, my mom was there for me the entire time. She took time off work to travel with me to Vancouver whilst I was on bedrest. She gave up a year of her life to be by my side, before and after my boys were born. She is still very active in my kids life and continues to give her all and be my advocate. I would love to return the favour. She has just recently lost a ton of weight and could also really use a new wardrobe!

Jessica Sanderson - WINNER!

My mom has always been there for me and my sisters. She comforted us when we needed it, but never tolerated our nonsense. She was firm and followed through on any threats she made. She gave us freedom and trust, and very rarely had to punish us. She supported our interests and passions and let us make mistakes. She encouraged us to travel, explore other cultures, and be aware of the world. She raised us into the people we are today and I love her for every minute of it. When my sisters and I moved to Grande Prairie (one after another) my mom (and dad) followed suit. Home is where your family is and them being here makes Grande Prairie feel even more like home.

Carol - WINNER!

My "Mom" is not actually my mother...she is my sister who has raised me since I was 4. She took over the mother role when she was just 11 and sacrificed a lot to take care of me and my 2 younger sisters. She. Is my hero and deserves to be treated with this gift that I hope I can win for her.